Taby Tray Activity Desk - Introduction

The Taby Tray was developed for parents who really want their children travel time to be Fun and Safe!! So it is designed to entertain the kids and make them more active and brainy. This Taby tray acts as an entertainment center for kids. They are the creators who try to do something new always. So as a parent why can't you motivate them.

Today you have no less than nine stops. Soccer, dance class, library, groceries. The poor little guy is going to spend a lot of time in the car seat and stroller, and how are you going to keep him happy? Solution! The Taby Tray Activity Desk hooks to your existing car seat or stroller to turn travel time into play time. With a built-in crayon tray, creativity is never far away. The easy-clean surface of the Taby Tray is perfectly suited to grow with your child. Use it as a baby tray to keep finger foods and teething toys from toppling to the floor.


Taby Tray provides a sturdy platform base which gives travel comfort and safety. It contains a cupholder which makes your child to play and eat without spilling. Boost your car seats with this travel tray. You can take our Taby tray easily on your vehicle and portable to carry anywhere. The storage cup holder makes your kid to store their snacks, drinks, books, toys, crayons, and much more. It is easy to fit and remove the tray from the seat. It is lightweight and it does not affect your child on travel.

As your baby grows, the Taby Tray turns into your older child's activity desk for hours of coloring, block stacking, and clay molding. The built in cup holder makes the Taby Tray perfect for eating on, and the raised rim circles the entire tray to keep messes at bay. Long, strong straps securely anchor the activity desk to chairs, desks, car seats, and strollers. The white, solid surface keeps cool to the touch when left in the hot car. Keep your baby, toddler, and even big kids engaged and happy with their own Taby Tray Activity Desk.

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Advantages of Taby Tray:

  •   Easy to attach in your car,stroller.
  •  Function as a excellent lap tray
  •  Made up of FDA approved plastic and gives children a risk-free entertainment.
  •  Straps on both sides find it easy to hold to the car seat or the stroller.
  •  Facility to hold books,lunch and suits best during tailgating or picnicking.

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