Easy Sewing Projects | 20 Easy Sewing Projects anyone can Make

Easy Sewing Projects | 20 Easy Sewing Projects anyone can Make

Would you ever just like to sit down and practice some easy sewing projects?

Something super fast and super simple?

So you have a sewing machine and would like to have quick and simple sewing projects?

Is there something you could sit down and start and finish in a quick sitting?

It feels good to carry out a sewing project quickly, but sometimes those big ones will achieve it, but it feels so nice to knock anything out quickly.

These are fast, simple and easy sewing projects that should take about 10 minutes for an experienced sewer to sew and can be great projects for an initial sewer too.

Printing patterns, cutting and preparing textiles, etc. may take a little longer. But, the sewing process should be fast and even in preparation times, these should be very simple and easy sewing projects.

When you are a first-time sewer, it may take some more time, but the goal was to get simple sewing projects completed quickly.

Explore these fun sewing patterns!

We all would have come across the proverb “Practice makes perfect”. Small sewing projects will certainly improve your sewing skills before moving on to challenging and bigger projects.

Check out these simple DIY sewing projects, which can be completed in less time!!

In addition to learning some special sewing skills, you can also obtain skillful crafts that are helpful throughout.

With the 20 easy sewing projects, you can develop your sewing skills in less time!

Carry your yarn, your needles, and your scissors out and let's begin to sew!!

Blackout Curtain

Begin to bend your sewing muscles with this very simple and easy sewing project! Curtains are really simple to make. You just have to tie the hems together with your choice of fabric and the appropriate thread. You can carry it to the next stage by inserting ring clips so you can just slip it on standard ring climbers.

Infinity Scarf

Making an infinite scarf is unbelievably simple. Cut 1 1⁄2 meters of cloth into two lengthwise pieces and stitch together the ends. Fold the long strip in half and stitch the sides. Through stitches, protect the loop.

Cord Keepers

With these cord-keepers you keep your sewing room organized. Just cut a fabric string, fasten Velcro at the ends and voila!

Easy Drawstring Bags

How about keeping your sewing supplies in a convenient drawing bag you made yourself while thinking about organizational tips? This DIY sewing project can be created with a small amount of fabric quickly and easily. Sew two square-shaped fabric patterns on the sides and the edges. Attach a ribbon to tie the bag.

Ribbon Dish Towels

Know how to attach enhancements to dish towels by stitching ribbons. It is not only from this exercise you get perfect gift pieces, but you'll also work with pretty ribbons!

Zippered Pouch

Working with zippers can be difficult to deal with. Conquer your anxiety with this completely simple project to sew DIY!

T-Shirt Tote Bags

Remove unnecessary t-shirts from your wardrobe by turning them into tote bags! Cut off the neckline and sleeves. Turn the shirt in and sew the hems together. Turn it to the right and go! You've got a t-shirt tote bag right now.

Tissue Holder

Taking this little pocket of cuteness, keep your face tissues unknowing! You can quickly re-create the fabric holder in less than 5 minutes using a straight stitch around the edges of the fabric!

Fabric Flowers

Extend your sewing muscles through this cute, simple and easy sewing project! Fabric flowers can take your sewing projects to the next point. Create bias tapes from your fabrics and use a basting stitch to protect them. To make a ruffle on your fabric, pull gently on the thread and collect it until it gets the shape of the flower.


Fill your living area or bedroom with DIY pillows with a place of color! Fold in thirds your choice of printed fabric and sew the backs on the short ends.

Toddler Leggings

Using a few knee socks (yes! You just read that!) Fashion your chic kid's cozy and simple leggings! Snap specific cut-outs into knee socks, and zigzag them together. Complete with a garter at the end.

Scarf Kimono

Turn a big and long scarf into snips and points with a kimono! Hold the scarf halfway through, and stitch the armholes by 2/3 in length from the edge. Cut down the middle section and clip the neckline.

Chapstick Cozy

With this awesome DIY easy sewing project keep your lip balm from being lost in the garbage! Finally, the days of missing your precious lip balm tube are over! Build a pocket that fits the length and width of your favorite lip balm using a large ribbon. Join it to a pivoting clip to add to your key ring or pocket.

Sunglasses Case

With this cute DIY sunglass case, avoid getting scratches on your favorite pair of sunglasses. This brilliant DIY sew project requires a straight stitch, which is determined with your sunny length and width, along the sides of your rectangular fabric.

Maxi Skirt

Try to make this DIY maxi skirt simple before you switch to more complicated skirt designs!

Cloth Napkins and Napkin Rings

Bring your mealtime with a lovely napkin cloth and serving rings to the next point!! Pick a brightly printed fabric, cut it into a rectangle, and make a narrow strip on the edges.

Phone Charger Case

Get the sleekest case for your phone adapter! You can now design your own charger case with your choice of printed fabric.

Skillet Handle Cover

Save yourself with this easy DIY sewing project by accidentally burning your fingers with the hot pot handles! Using clothing scraps around your house. You can practice your stitch straight and then get a cool, practical piece!

Gift Card Holder

With this really simple DIY easy sewing project, add a little personal touch to your gift cards! Not even five minutes should you waste stitching the sides of your favorite fabric and wrapping it up with a comfortable twine or a ribbon!

Bread Bag

Keep your bread in warm, moisturize linen containers. Get two rectangular-shaped clothes and cut them at the sides and on the bottom to make this simple DIY sewing project. Attach a ribbon to the end and here it is!