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How to Make Easy Knot Bag

How to Make Easy Knot Bag

Thank you for stopping by today at the Clickhere2shop blog. Learn how to make Easy Knot Bag.

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If you have a trendy fabric bag pattern that you can revisit at any time and improve your sewing skills with, it's this knot bag!  If you are a beginner you can certainly be successful with the simplest fabric knot bag design, and in case you an expert in sewing then you can easily find or even create more complex and challenging designs.

To get started check out this article for reference!

Easy knot bags are incredibly simple to make, and fun DIY project. You can even draw your own pattern and change it to match your taste or desires. There are tiny knot bags that you can wear like a mini handbag on your wrist, and big ones that are built to hang from your shoulder.

Materials Required to make easy knot bag:

  • 1 yard of quilting cotton (1/2 yard of one print and a different one for the inside)
  • 1/2 yard of batting
  • 1 yard of woven interfacing.

Sewing Supplies Required:  

  • paper (to trace out the pattern)
  • pencil
  • fabric scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • coordinating thread
  • iron

Instructions to Make Easy Knot Bag:

 Step 1:

How to Make Easy Knot Bag - Step 1

Tape together parts of the pattern. Cut the outer fabric and the lining fabric two pieces each. Label the arrows on the reverse side of the fabrics. 



How to Make Easy Knot Bag - Step 2

Sew the ends of the long strap on both the outer fabric and the lining fabric together with the right sides. This will give you one very long strip with a body on both the outer fabric and the lining fabric at each end. 


 How to Make Easy Knot Bag - Step 3

Open both sections and pin the outer fabric side of the long strap together with the lining on the right side and the U portion together. Sew the long strap between the arrows and the whole portion of U. 


Turn the bag out through the long strap onto the right side. It is a bit of a fidgety but it will take some time and it will happen without any problems.


Sew the ends of the short strap with the right sides together.


How to Make Easy Knot Bag - Step 6

Sew the bottom exterior fabrics along with the bottom lining fabrics together to the arrow you previously labeled with the right sides. It would leave an opening for turning onto the short strap side.


How to Make Easy Knot Bag - Step 7

Through the opening, turn the bag right side out. Slip stitch in the short side of the strap around the opening, and topstitch at the top of the bag.


In the short strap move the long strap through the gap, and finish your easy knot bag.

Having seen the traditional easy knot bags in the past, these are typically very thin, tiny even, and built to be a basic evening bag dangling from the wrist.

But why not take and build upon a great design?

The plain evening wristlet bag becomes, in this case, a large convenient shoulder bag.

With this simple sewing pattern, you will learn how to make your own large easy Knot Bag.

You can make an elegant and exclusive handbag, or knitting bag with gusset, with this simple and fun to sew pattern.

This large easy knot bag design is ideal for a wide range of fabrics including pretty cotton quilting, linen, fabrics for home decoration, tweed and wool, suede and much more.

When completed the large Knot Bag measures approximately 15.1′′ (38.5 cm) long with a body height of 14.1′′ (36 cm) and the overall height including 29.5′′ (75 cm) harness.

You will love the big zipper pocket on the outside of the large easy knot bag, so you can grab your keys or phone easily.

Such simple knot bags constitute a valuable resource. Some of the ones that you can pick up at the grocery stores are good, but the logos on them take away from the design most of the time. Instead, try to make an easy knot bag to add a bit of personalized elegance to your day. They're strong, can be customized to your style and can be used as a trendy belt as an added bonus.

This Easy Knot Bag is a stylish and practical way to wear your favorite print and only uses two pattern pieces – a lovely and simple sewing project.  Thi knot bag can be made in just 2 hours!  

Simply choose your favorite fabric and you have a new bag – hurray!

I hope you enjoyed the knot bag sewing pattern project and would give it a try. You will realize how easy it is to make a reversible Japanese knot bag with fun fabrics