How to Sew on patches

How to Sew on patches

The best way to fix a patch or badge is to sew with your hand or machine. Placing a decorative patch on with stitches makes the patch stay in place.

The patches can be fixed with glue or ironing methods will keep a patch in place for a little time, particularly if they are attached and not washed but when the patch peels off, the glue remains are left on the dress which does not look pretty so it is good to needle and thread, or sit down at your machine, in no time the patch would be fixed on your dress and you need not worry about it falling off again.

I was looking for advice on the web when I sewed some patches for the first time but did not find it specifically for a sewing machine. I guess the right way is to sew them by hand, but if you're reading this article then you probably got a sewing machine and you like to use it. So here you go. Let’s get started and start sewing the patch with the sewing machine. 

First, you need to pin patches in the correct place in the dress. It is better to use a medium or heavy-duty needle in your sewing so that it is easy to stitch the patch. If you use a small needle there is a possibility of the needle to break, but using a small needle gives a better finish. 

Choose the correct color thread based on the patch's exterior edge. It is better not to use a color that doesn't suit in the bobbin i.e. it is better to wind the bobbin with the same thread that you would be using to stitch the patch because the patch thickness will cause excessive friction and if your bobbin thread pulls in spots to the top it will not show if it is the same color as your top thread. In case you use a different color like said the bobbin thread will be shown on the top which would look very untidy.

Depending upon the color of the patch border for instance if the patch has a blue border it is better to use blue color and use small stitches and trace the border of the patch by sewing with your hand. By stitching an outline of the patch you will find it easy to sew the patch with the sewing machine.

The above way of stitching the patch is for attaching on the arm or sleeve of the attire. 

Now let’s learn how to stitch a patch on the shirt pocket.

First, you need to stitch the patch on the pocket with your sewing machine but you need to remember that the pocket can never be used again because you'll be stitching the opening. You can stitch the patch with your hand but since the patch is thick it would be difficult to stitch so it is better to use a really sharp needle, strong thread, and a thimble. Next in case, the patch has glue iron it on. See to that the patch does not melt. Just press the patch with the iron for 30 seconds. After ironing you can stitch the patch so that it does not fall off when washing. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and got an idea of how to sew the patch on a pocket.

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