T-Shirt Quilting | DYI T-Shirt Quilting | Quilting T-Shirt | Step By Step Guide

T-Shirt Quilting | DYI T-Shirt Quilting | Quilting T-Shirt | Step By Step Guide

Let’s learn to quilt a t-shirt. This can be done by beginners and professionals.

Do you have any idea about what is t-shirt quilting?

Have you got a drawer full of t-shirt that you can't just throw out?

What is it that you can do with them?

Why, of course, cut them up and make a t-shirt quilt!

How to make a T-shirt quilt

You can keep your old t-shirts and show the identity you serve by consolidating your T-shirts in a quilt. Here's a step by step guide of how to turn your tees into a memory quilt in simple words t-shirt quilting!

Step 1: Sorting your T-Shirts – T-shirt quilting

Take out and sort all the old shirts. Are there others in the same family (for example your old T-shirts sorority)? Together, group all. Can you group it by color, if not? Then you can choose whether your quilt should concentrate on a certain topic or color or whether you want a mixture of favorites.

In order to sort, keep an eye on the size of the printed material and pick the sizes almost the same. Think of how big your t-shirt quilt would be once you have your favorites. You're going to need a lot of shirts if you make a throw or bed quilt!

If it's your plan to make a wall hanging T-shirt quilt, be very careful because you'll only need a few.

Step 2: Preparing and stabilizing the tees with interfacing – T-shirt quilting

Wash all the T-shirts with a daily detergent, but no softener fabric, and dry as normal. Take these shirts apart then! Open the side seams with a seam ripper or cut with sharp fabric scissors carefully. Because T-shirt fabrics are stretchy, they must be stabilized before they are cut into squares. The trick would be achieved by a lightweight, woven fusible device with little to no stretch.

Apply the interface to the back of all the T-shirt pieces. Be sure to follow the instructions of the supplier and always search for interfaces on a small piece of the additional T-shirt before using it on your project stuff.

When all T-shirt pieces have been combined, decide the size of your square. You can cut a square 14 "to 16" from each shirt comfortably. Remember to allow a few inches of empty space around your graphics! Using a rotary cutter, ruler and mat, cut into squares.

Step 3: Sewing the shirts together – T-shirt quilting

It's time to sew the quilt together. The squares can be placed directly together, or they can be sewn in a grid with intermediate slashing.

Step 4: Make the quilt sandwich, sew and quilt! – T-shirt quilting

When the top is done, you can cut a piece of the backrest to a few inches bigger than the top of the quilt. Lay the quilt sandwich together with the wrong side facing, with or without batting in between. Carefully place the stack together to make the three layers secure. Quilt as you like and tie.

Your T-shirt quilt is ready!!

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