Mountainaire Air Purifier MA-4000
Mountainaire Air Purifier MA-4000
Mountainaire Air Purifier MA-4000

Mountainaire Air Purifier MA-4000

by Mountainaire by SUNHEAT


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The Mountainaire six stage whole home purifier system cleans the air using HEPA filtration, Ionization, Photo-catalytic Oxidation (PCO) and adjustable Ozone generation. The MA-4000 removes odors caused by pets, tobacco smoke and cooking as well as trapping and eliminating particles as small as 0.01 to 0.3 microns. Advanced PCO technology combines the natural cleaning power of a UV-C germicidal bulb with a Ti02 filter to vaporize contaminates and microorganisms such as mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and germs. A 20KV Ionizer produces radically charged ions that collect or clump dust, pollen and other particles in the air; so they fall to the floor and can be swept or vacuumed away. The NEW Mountainaire offers the optional power of a two plate Ozone generator to clean and sanitize not just the air but also surfaces and fabrics. The adjustable ozone can be used to destroy odors, pollutants and microorganisms in your home, office and car. This lightweight and portable purification system,with a CADR rating of 108, is small enough to fit almost anywhere. The Mountainaire is a powerful home purifier that provides a variety of settings, allowing it to be effective in almost any indoor environment and in areas from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. HEPA Filter: Collects 99.97% of microbes. Washable. Collects mold spores, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and other particles that aggravate allergies and respiratory conditions. Carbon Filter: Carbon deodorizer. Absorbs gases, pollutants, and airborne chemicals from household cleaning products, paints, tobacco smoke, and other impurities. Approximate 1 year life. Ozone Plates: Ozone will destroy odors from pets, cooking, and tobacco smoke. Also eliminates harmful bacteria, e-coli, viruses, mold, mildew, and germs on surfaces, in carpet, on furniture, and in fabrics. Washable. Titanium Oxide Coated Filter: Cooperates with UV rays to destroy VOCS. Converts 95% of pollutants in the air to harmless water vapors. Leaves your home smelling fresh and clean. Average 2 year lifetime. Washable Pre-Filter: Catches dust, dirt, and pet hair. Washable. Does not let larger particles reach the interior in order to extend the life of the purifier. Ultraviolet C Spectrum Bulb: Contains germ destroying properties. Have been used in hospitals and clinics for decades to sterilize surgical and dental equipment. Produces super-charged ions that clean and sanitize the air of mold, mildew, viruses, pollen, germs, and bacteria. The germicidal bulb does produce small amounts of ozone that will destroy carbon based organisms. Mountainaire Peak Pack: Includes: Titanium Oxide Coated Filter. Carbon Filter. HEPA Filter. Ozone Plates. Ultraviolet C Spectrum Bulb.


  • Mountainaire Air Purification System. 6 Stage Purification Process. Purifies Up to 3,000 Sq Feet
  • Carbon Filter. HEPA Filter. Ozone Plates. Ultraviolet C Spectrum Bulb.
  • UV bulb with Photo-Catalytic Ti02 Filter. Adjustable Fan Speed & Ozone Control
  • Ozone Plate Configuration for Optimal Purification
  • Remote Control. Retail Packaging. Three Year Warranty