1 qt concrete sealer x-1

1 qt concrete sealer x-1

by Stone Technologies


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How Does Concrete Sealer X-1 Function? Concrete Sealer X-1 is an effective concrete sealant but like cement itself, it yields the best results to those who thoroughly understand how it works: When dry cement is mixed with water, the cement particles begin to dissolve and react to form a calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H). The volume of C-S-H is greater than the original unhydrated cement particles, so as C-S-H form it fills in porosity, providing strength and rigidity to the cement. Another by-product of cement hydration is calcium hydroxide. The presence of calcium hydroxide adversely affects the properties of cement because it is attacked by acids and other chemicals. It also trends to crystalize as hexagonal platelets near the paste/aggregate interface, resulting in a poorly packed (i.e. low density) weak area. Applying Concrete Sealer X-1, however, reduces the amount of calcium hydroxide near the surface because the silicate reacts with the calcium hydroxide to form C-S-H (see chemical equation below). As a result, the surface is less permeable, more resistant to chemical attack and overall more durable. The C-S-H gel formed from this reaction is insoluble in water and more resistant to acid and other chemical attack. All concrete is porous, although the type and amount of porosity can vary greatly from one concrete to the next. These differences occur because of the water-to-cement ratio, amount of working, quantity and type of aggregate, temperature and various other factors. Depending on its quality, method of placement and curing, a standard concrete can contain a significant percentage of calcium hydroxide which also contributes to porosity when it dissolves. Therefore, it is essential to convert the calcium hydroxide to C-S-H in order to increase the life of the concrete. The final strength and properties of concrete are impacted by the amount of C-S-H it contains relative to its porosity. Therefore, Concrete Sealer X-1 increases concrete strength by replacing soluble lime with the C-S-H. Concrete Sealer X - 1 increases the density of concrete because C-S-H forms where the calcium hydroxide used to be and, since chemicals attack concrete (and rebar) by penetrating the pores, the presence of more C-S-H increases the durability of the substrate. Coverage and Application: Each gallon of Concrete Sealer X-2 is expected to cover approximately 300 square feet of concrete with one coat but since the porosity of concrete varies greatly, the coverage will also vary(200-400 sq ft). The solution may be applied with a brush, roller, sprayer, or scrubbing machine for several minutes to obtain an even penetration. After the surface has dried for 2 to 4 hours apply a second application. A "blooming" or "frosting" of excess product on the concrete surface should be removed immediately with a stiff brush.Properly treated concrete may be painted without any difficulty. However, there should be no ConcreteSealer X-1 residue on the surface prior to painting. Washing with hot water will remove the alkalinity that may be due to the Concrete Sealer X-1. An alkali-resistant paint should be used.


  • Concrete Sealer X-1 constitutes a family of moderate to strongly alkaline products. As such, it warrants careful handling to prevent injury or discomfort.
  • Concrete Sealer X-1 is completely inorganic and, as such, does not present a hazard such as low flash point or flammability.
  • Fresh concrete should be properly cured for a minimum of seven days before Concrete Sealer X-1 is applied.
  • The Concrete Sealer X-1 treatment may be satisfactorily applied to clean concrete at any later time.
  • Dimensions: 3"Lx4"Wx9"H. Weight: 2 lbs.