5 gal concrete sealer x-5

5 gal concrete sealer x-5

by Stone Technologies


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It is recommended that CONCRETE SEALER X-5 is applied using a brush, medium nap roller or airless sprayer onto the completely cleaned surface to be protected. Apply a second coat using the same procedure after 4 to 6 hours. Allow the treated surface to dry completely for 24 to 48 hours at room temperature. For larger areas such as exterior buildings the product can be applied with an airless sprayer. CLEAN UP PROCEDURE: Clean equipment with a detergent solution including the sprayer head between applications. SHELF LIFE: In the original container the product will have a shelf life of at least 6 months. Always protect this product from freezing. If the product appears to be separated or has formed a gel contact Stone Technologies, Corp. before use. TYPICAL PROPERTIES: Appearance: Clear to Translucent Liquid. Ionic Nature: Nonionic. Odor: Mild. Specific Gravity: 1.00g/ml. pH: 7.0. Compatibility: Do not mix this product with any other chemicals.


  • Repels Water and Oil Based Stains. Water Resistant Finish. Provides an enhanced "wet-look"Barrier.
  • Excellent Heat Resistance. Chemical Inertness.
  • Non Yellowing. Provides Abrasion Resistance.
  • Dimensions: 12"Lx12"Wx18"H.
  • Weight: 42 lbs.