Ceramic 1.5" Gallon Display -  Bio-Mate Refillable Media Balls

Ceramic 1.5" Gallon Display - Bio-Mate Refillable Media Balls


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Provides maximum surface area with the greatest possible mix of air and water. Cultivates nitrifying bacteria. Promotes gas exchange, increases dissolved oxygen level and removes harmful gases. Will not clog with organic matter. Manufactured of the highest grade thermoplastic material. Totally inert and nonleaching. Use in any type of Aquarium or Pond Filter to increase performance. FOAM FILLED = Clean, Aerate, Biological 1 1/2" Carbon Filled = Purify, Aerate, Biological 1 1/2" Ceramic Filled = Aerate, Biological 1 1/2" Standard Solid = Aerate, Biological 1" and 1 1/2".

  • Creates better Water Quality. Can be used individually or mixed in Filter Chamber.
  • Filled 1 1/2" for 35 to 50 Gallons. Solid 1" for 35 to 50 Gallons.
  • Simply Pop Open to refill. Provides Increased Aeration.
  • Higher Surface Area. Increase Biological Activity.
  • 1/2" for 25 to 35 Gallons.

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