Handy Pantry Crunchy Lentil Fest Sprouting Seeds - 8oz

Handy Pantry Crunchy Lentil Fest Sprouting Seeds - 8oz

by Handy Pantry


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This Lentil Seed Mix Includes Green Lentils, Red Lentils & French Lentils. This Lentil Seed MIx Makes a Zesty Snack, Colorful Lentil Soup or a Great Addition to Sprout Salads. This lentil seed mix is one of Our Most Popular Seed Mixes! Growing Sprouts Is Healthy & Fun. This Lentil Seed Mix is high in fiber, protein and amino acids, vitamins A, C, B complex and E, Iron, Calcium and phosphorus. When raw, the sprouts from this lentil seed mix can be a bit peppery to the taste. The flavor of the mix is more sweet and nut-like when cooked. This lentil seed mix will even sprout well with other seeds. This mix makes a good substitute for celery or green pepper in salads, soups and vegetable combinations. This lentil seed mix is also great for sprouted lentil soup which hearty and nutritious and was a staple food of the Middle East in biblical times.


  • High germination rate. Perfect for edible seeds.
  • Gardening, hydroponics. Growing salad sprouts.
  • Survival food storage mix.
  • Organic lentil cooking.
  • Country of origin: USA