Dragon's Heart 4-paneled Handmade Metal Wall Art 32" x 32"

Dragon's Heart 4-paneled Handmade Metal Wall Art 32" x 32"

by Metal Artscape


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Fiery feathers of golden light twist together to create the burning inferno that is this heart-shaped metal wall painting. Each piece is hand-made by skilled Metal Artscape artists through a unique, layered process of aluminum grinding and airbrushing creating unbelievable depth and life. 32" x 32" (80 x 80 cm). Lighting: The unique process that gives this work its life and depth makes the stunning nature of the artwork hard to photograph. Different lighting can change the look of each piece dramatically. If something isn't exactly as you imagined try experimenting with different lighting options, and please reserve all judgment until you've lived with the artwork for a little while. Consult the user guide for lighting tips and tricks. Handmade: Because each piece is handmade, please understand that your piece may look a little different than the one photographed. This is a good thing! It's unique. We are confident though, that your piece will be extremely close to the one pictured (and most likely better). Hanging: Our artwork is frameless, and ready to hang right out of the box. Ultra slim, easy-to-use hanging brackets come pre-attached and makes mounting a breeze. The unique, frameless design with hidden brackets makes each piece float off the wall without the use of wires or bulky mountings. Consult your user guide for a pull out hanging template as well as different ideas for hanging your work in almost any setting. Additional info: Because each piece is handmade we do our best to accurately capture the appearance of each piece of artwork. However, colors may vary based on your monitor calibration, how awesome your lighting is, or if you're wearing rose colored glasses. Please keep this in mind when choosing your work.


  • Airbrushed paint and hand painted ink on brushed aluminum panels finished with high gloss clear coat.
  • Hand-painted, multi-layer process. Handmade to show refractive layer.
  • Product Weight: 7 lbs. Product Dimensions: 32"H x 32"W x 1"D
  • Every piece is unique. Easy hanging system.
  • 100% hand crafted. Country Of Origin: China.