iFunner iTur iPhone Hard Plastic Wallet Case - Blue
iFunner iTur iPhone Hard Plastic Wallet Case - Blue

iFunner iTur iPhone Hard Plastic Wallet Case - Blue

by iFunner


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This is a 2 in 1 case. First, it is a Hard Plastic durable snug fitted case for your iPhone 4. Second, it has an attachable door to put your Credit Cards in. We have found many things can fit in the door not only credit cards. Drivers License, Business cards, Health Insurance Cards, Concert Tickets, Sporting Event Tickets, Gum, Coat Check Tickets, Folded Cash, Hotel Room Keys, Keys, and anything else that you can think of thats under 4 inches and not too thick. Unlike other wallet cases, no one knows that this case carries Credit cards because you cannot see them. They are fully hidden out of site, which makes this case safer than the others. Through research and development we have found that when the door is attached to the case, if the case is dropped, it tends to fall on the back side of the phone first. This helps prevent the phone from cracking the glass. This case is very durable because of the plastic we use to make it. It is also a sleek snug fitted case intended to make your


  • Durable Hard Plastic iPhone 44s Case.
  • Customize Your Case by Mixing and Matching.
  • Small Gap in Door Closure to Help with Opening.
  • Credit Cards are hidden out of view.
  • Holds other items not just credit cards.