Levenhuk Army AC10 Compass

Levenhuk Army AC10 Compass

by Levenhuk


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Levenhuk Army AC10 Compass. Liquid compass with a sighting slot, map scales, and bubble level. Levenhuk Army AC10 Compass is a professional instrument for orientation and navigation. It helps to precisely keep you in the right direction in the woods, plot a route on a map, and assess a distance between remote objects. Levenhuk Army AC10 is an excellent choice for a professional sportsperson, hunter, fisher, geodesist, agent, soldier, or camping enthusiast. This compass is great for use on land and near water. The compass features a folding design; there is a large transparent sighting window in its cover. Due to that, you can read the compass even with the cover closed. A dial plate is placed in a special liquid for a magnetic needle to slow down quickly and show direction. The compass allows for taking a bearing in degrees. There is a built-in bubble level to simplify aligning the compass along the horizontal axis. A sighting slot allows for aiming at distant objects and taking a bearing. You can see a precise number through a special lens in the body. In a sighting slot, there is a mil scale for measuring the distance between objects. Two scales are used for working with maps: one scale is in centimeters, the other one is in inches. There is a table with formulas on the back of the compass. The compass is adaptable to a standard tripod.


  • Liquid compass with a sighting slot and mil scale. Two scales: cm scale and inch scale
  • Bubble level. Table with formulas on the back of a cover
  • Standard tripod thread
  • Type: liquid. Body: metal, plastic. Dial scale: degrees
  • Scale value: internal: 2deg , central: 1deg , external: 5deg