Magic Clean Bidet with Dryer (round)

Magic Clean Bidet with Dryer (round)

by Sunpentown


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Sunpentown Magic Clean bidet is a necessity to everyday personal hygiene, utilizes a stream of water to gently cleanse the bottom after going to the toilet. Offers immediate relief of hemorrhoid pain and helps prevent future hemorrhoids relieves constipation and straining at stool maintains optimum feminine hygiene (ideal for expecting mothers) and offers unrivaled cleanliness and comfort. Adjustable water temperature and water pressure with soft start. Also features heated seat, warm air drying, deodorizer, anti-slam lid and seat and night illumination. Magic Clean bidet replaces existing toilet seat, installation required. 4 water temperature levels, up to 104 degree F. 8 Water Pressure levels: 0.5 to 7.5kg/cm2. Deodorizer with carbon filter. Air freshener compartment: to add your favorite aroma sachet. Anti-Slam (soft-close) lid and seat. Occupied Seat Sensor. Power supply: 110 V / 60Hz. Power consumption: 1,000 (max). Power cord length: 5.5 ft. Water pressure range: 0.5 to 7.5 kg/cm2. Weight: 12.13 lbs. Water tank capacity: 1 liter (constant warm water). Cleansing: Wash / Bidet: Bubble cleansing (water 800ml plus air 500ml). Temperature: 4 adjustable levels: Room Temp, 93 degree F, 98 degree F, 104 degree F. Power: 950 W. Safety device: Thermistor (116 degree F), Bimetal (127 degree F), tHERMAL FUSE (170 degree F). Heated seat: Temperature: 4 adjustable levels: Room Temp, 93 degree F, 100 degree F, 107 degree F. Heater: 45 W. Anti-slam seat: Damper (slow down), shock absorber by oil pressure. Safety device: Thermistor, thermal fuse (170 degree F). Drying: Temperature: 8 adjustable levels (Room temp, 96 degree F, 104 degree F, 111 degree F, 118 degree F, 125 degree F, 132 degree F, 140 degree F). Power (Heater): 270 W. Safety device: Thermal fuse (307 degree F). Fan: Low noise, DC12V. Deodorizer Filter: Active carbon (lasts up to 7 years). Method: Suction (low noise, DC12V). Other functions: Occupied seat sensor: Electrostatic capacity. Light: LED. Aroma: Aromatic (replaceable). Water purifying filter: Sediment (replacement recommended once every 6 months). Material: ABS. Dimensions: 18.9W x 20.08D x 6.85H in. Warranty: One-year parts and labor warranty. Customer must pay all repair and freight charges after warranty period. Warranty applies to residents of the United States only.


  • Bubble cleansing: enjoy smooth and refreshing cleansing of air mixed in water. Water purifying filter. Adjustable nozzle position. Country of origin: Korea.
  • Night illumination: LED light turns on and off automatically according to il luminance. Occupied seat sensor.
  • Auto mode: auto function of Clean - Dry - Deodorize. Turbo mode: maximum water pressure for Wash or Bidet functions.
  • Heated Seat: 4 temperature levels, up to 107 degree F. Warm air drying: 8 levels, up to 140 degree F.
  • Box Dimensions: 23"Lx21"Wx8"H. Weight: 15lbs.