Mesh Eyewear XS Blue

Mesh Eyewear XS Blue

by Doggles


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Only the inventors of canine eyewear could bring you this innovative product. Here is the newest alternative in dog eye protection. The mesh eyewear is breathable, flexible and still protects your pet from the suns UV rays. The best part It does not impair your dogs vision, still allowing them to see a full 270 degrees.


  • The mesh eyewear is flexible and will protect your pet from UV rays, not hard foriegn objects. It does not impair your dogs 270 degrees of vision (not 180 like humans).
  • The mesh eyewear is made of breathable UV mesh (similar to a fly mask for horses) that filters out 50-60 percentage of UV rays, while allowing for all day wear.
  • Elastic and adjustable straps hold the eyewear in place comfortably. Available in Extra small Blue color. Inner Carton Type: paper board.
  • Weight: 0.05625. Size: 6"Lx4"Wx.25"H. Inner Carton size: 6"Lx4"Wx2"H. Inner Carton Weight: 0.4125.
  • Size: Large. Weight of Dog, Head Strap, Frame and Chin Strap: 50 - 100 lbs, 20-24 inches, 19-22 inches.