Mother-Luv Kit
Mother-Luv Kit

Mother-Luv Kit

by Rumble Tuff


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The Rumble Tuff Mother-Luv Kit features a Medicine Dispenser and Nasal Aspirator in a convenient storage case. The Rumble Tuff Medicine Dispenser has a reservoir that holds 5ml of liquid (approximately 1 tsp.). This specially designed reservoir, features a ventilation shaft that will not spill or leak. It prevents a vacuum space from forming while your baby sucks on the pacifier. To help administer medicine to your child you can add juice before or after you administer the medicine without taking out the dispenser. Medicine or juice can be added to the reservoir through the ventilation shaft using the attached Measuring Syringe. The pacifier can be detached from the reservoir for thorough cleaning and sanitizing. The Rumble Tuff Nasal Aspirator makes it easy to clear your childs nose of congestion. You have complete control over the suction strength. The dual chamber design easily traps the mucus in the chambers, keeping the tubing santized. The tip and the mouthpiece are both made of soft and flexible silicone which can be - removed for cleaning and sanitizing. The Mother Luv Kit is a must for baby showers! Rumble Luv baby well care kits are BPA free. Package includes: (1) Medicine Dispenser, (1) Nasal Aspirator, (1) Measuring Syringe, (1) Convenient Storage Case


  • Patented Auto-Shield Pacifier that automatically closes to protect from dirt, and hair.
  • Patented no-spill ventilation hole
  • Soft silicone tips and mouthpiece
  • Dual-chamber design traps mucus
  • BPA Free.